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14x10 New Art Original Oil Painting Picture FREE SHIP Snow Fairy Fairies Fantasy
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14x10 New Art Original Oil Painting Picture FREE SHIP Snow Fairy Fairies Fantasy


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Snow Fairies in Cobalt Blue

 The Original Oil Painting

14 x 10 inches, on panel board
Signed by Artist Nancy Lee Moran

Magic Realism Fantasy
Date of Creation:
October 2011

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME.  Please email me at  I will figure out two options for the shipping price.

Painted with 100% lightfast oil pigments by Daniel Smith (USA) and Winsor & Newton (England)
Varnished by Nancy Lee with satin-sheen (mix of gloss and matte varnishes by Daniel Smith, synthetic methacrylate-resin varnish with UV protection)

Link to Winter Snow Fairies on Nancy's website.:

Winter Snow Fairies on Nancy's website

The last photo shows how Nancy created the original painting.
Prints of the art will be on watercolor paper, so as to preserve the singularity of the oil original.

 ~ Kind Enchantments #08, Fairy Series by Nancy Lee Moran ~ 
A note from my fairy journal:
In the first week of February 2010, a light snow fell upon my town. Two of my small vinyl dolls braved the snow to balance on a spruce tree for photos. In the art, I created new faces and made costume changes. 
As fairy art, the paintings also speak to me of the love between a mother and daughter, a mentor and girl, or between sisters. I believe these paintings to be about affection, protection and tenderness. 
The blue-floral dress was designed by Tracy of sewmanydreams from an MHD doll pattern. The child fairy's white dress and bonnet were inspired by a Boneka doll outfit. I added a broach, a crystal jewel, pearls, ribbon embroidery, and blue lace.
One of my husband's baby blue-spruce trees appears in each of these paintings. In the print, the spruce size is 40% of its real-life size. 
I wish to thank Janet for inspiring me with her 2010 request that I paint some winter fairies. ~ Nancy Lee on December 8, 2011

©  Art signed and copyrighted by Nancy Lee Moran
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