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8x10 New Art Original Oil Painting Picture Flower Fairy Magnolia Nouveau Modern Floral Petal Fantasy
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8x10 New Art Original Oil Painting Picture Flower Fairy Magnolia Nouveau Modern Floral Petal Fantasy


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"Mia, Magnolia Fairy"

The Original Oil Painting, Framed

Size:  10 x 8 inches, on panel board 

In March 2013 Nancy added a frame of brown wood and a linen liner, from Lewis Art Gallery.

Signed by Artist Nancy Lee Moran

Style:  Magic Fantasy, Imaginative Realism
Date of Creation:  2010

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME.  Please email me at  I will figure out two options for the shipping price. 

Painted with 100% lightfast oil pigments by Daniel Smith (USA) and Winsor & Newton (England)
Varnished by Nancy Lee with satin-sheen (mix of gloss and matte varnishes by Daniel Smith, synthetic methacrylate-resin varnish with UV protection)

SEE this art here:
         Mia's page on Nancy's website
         Nancy's Blog about Springtime Fairy Paintings

The last photo shows how Nancy created the original painting.
Prints of the art will be on watercolor paper, so as to preserve the singularity of the oil original.

 ~ Kind Enchantments #04, Fairy Series by Nancy Lee Moran ~ 
A note from my fairy journal of May 2010:
      Each spring, a fairy arrives with the blooming of the magnolia tree, which is her patron tree. She is entrusted with protecting the songbirds of our country neighborhood. She enjoys the warmth of the morning sun upon her face, while the fragrance of the flowers soothes her spirit. Should ever she spy a cat or hawk, she rides upon her companion bird to create lively flying tricks that draw the interest of predators away from songbirds. She also protects eggs and nestlings from squirrels. 
      She senses changes in the air that precede thunderstorms. Then she reminds the robins to strengthen their nests and gathers spider webs to help secure the eggs. Her joy is seeing baby birds become fledglings and learn to fly. 
      I designed her clothing on a 14-inch doll, using real magnolia petals.      ~ Nancy Lee Moran

©  Art signed and copyrighted by Nancy Lee Moran

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