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8x10 New Art Print Picture Autumn Fairies Wings Fantasy FREE SHIP Nancy Lee Moran
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8x10 New Art Print Picture Autumn Fairies Wings Fantasy FREE SHIP Nancy Lee Moran


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“Rhiona in the Maple Tree”

10 x 7.5 inches, plus white borders
Open Edition
You may request another size of this print.

Signed by Artist Nancy Lee Moran
Magic Realism Fantasy

Premier Smooth Fine Art Paper
Print Type:  
Giclee High Quality
Date of Creation:  
2011 (this print)
Giclee Print on Smooth Watercolor Paper, 100% acid-free cotton heavyweight paper, Museum-Quality pigment inks

Each Giclee is from a professional scan and printing done by Art for Conservation (Fine Print Imaging) in Colorado.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME. Please email me. I will figure out two options for the shipping price.

 The last photo shows how I BEGAN this painting with a SIMPLE OIL SKETCH.
SEE this art here:  Nancy's Website
SEE this art here:  Nancy's Blog 
The original oil painting is in a private collection.

A note from my fairy journal of October 2010:
      The fairy Rhiona passed by my maple tree, bringing bright hues to the leaves so that squirrels would know to store up nuts. She glowed with zest for the warm sun. 
      She foretold that winter would be mild this year (a blessing!). She urged the plants to gather all the sugars from their leaves into their roots, then to sleep peacefully during the winter. 
      Her name means royal, which seems fitting for a fairy who is resplendent in autumn glory. Her dress was inspired by clothing made for the Ellowyne doll by Hankie Couture. The maple leaves were from my own neighborhood ~ from a slim, young tree.       ~ Nancy Lee Moran

©  Art signed and copyrighted by Nancy Lee Moran

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