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For Your Birthday (Smiling Jesus)
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For Your Birthday (Smiling Jesus)


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For Your Birthday

Gold Foil Card

5 x 7 inches
18 x 12.5 cm (centimeters)

Inside Text:
In the heart of Christ,
where all are welcome,
You are a child of God.
Shine with radiance.
Be a candle of hope in the world.

Bible verse in smaller text size: Matthew 5:16
“ . . . let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”

My promise to you:
If the shipping costs that you pay for the cards exceed the actual costs, I (Nancy) shall refund the extra amount to you.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME. Please email me. I will figure out two options for the shipping price.

You can see the gold foil reflected in the marble table.

The original art was oil, painted and sold in 2001.
Smiling Jesus Welcomes You!
Title: “Come Unto Me”
“The art is welcoming, warm, inviting, with unconditional love in the eyes and hand gesture.”
See the story of this painting of Jesus on this page of my website:
LINK to web page.

Art copyrighted 2001, card text copyrighted 2013 © by Nancy Lee Moran, USA

birthday ~ inspiration ~ Christian ~ faith ~ Jesus ~ Christ ~ ministry ~ oil painting ~ USA artist ~ Hebrew ~ unconditional love ~ joy ~ strong hands ~ manly face ~ warm smile ~ carpenter hands ~ compleanno, carte d'anniversaire, tarjeta de cumpleanos