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New Framed 20x16 Fairy House Oil Painting Original Art Picture by Nancy Lee Moran
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New Framed 20x16 Fairy House Oil Painting Original Art Picture by Nancy Lee Moran


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Fairy Cottage

"Another Way to Fly"

Kind Enchantments Fairy Series #01

The Original Oil Painting, Framed

Size: 20 x 16 inches (art size)
Size: 50 x 40 cm.

Oil on sanded, tempered plastic board

Signed by artist Nancy Lee Moran
Style: Imaginative Realism
Date of Creation: 2006

I will figure out two options for the shipping price.

The price includes a frame and liner by Larsen-Juhl Company USA.

Here a fairy swings from a dogwood branch over mossy stars, penstemon flowers, and two Victorian faerie balls. The log cottage has bark of the white ash tree and a path of pebbles (my favorite part).
My thanks to Susan of (Nebraska City) Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure for the idea of using feathers of a pheasant and ocellated turkey for the log roof, to keep the faerie cottage snug and dry. Ocellated feathers have ocelli (eyelike spots or marks), which give the roof a mysterious appearance.
Painted with 100% lightfast oil pigments by Daniel Smith (USA) and Winsor & Newton (England)
Varnished by Nancy Lee with satin-sheen (mix of gloss and matte varnishes by Daniel Smith, synthetic methacrylate-resin varnish with UV protection)
As in usual in my art, the paint surface is delicate, clean, and refined.

SEE this art here on Nancy's Website Page:
Art copyrighted by Nancy Lee Moran, USA

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