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Original 27 x 20 Framed Oil Painting Country Autumn Art Apples Puppy Dog Nancy Lee Moran
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Original 27 x 20 Framed Oil Painting Country Autumn Art Apples Puppy Dog Nancy Lee Moran


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"Till the Kids Come Home"

The Original Oil Painting

27 x 20 inches ART size on thick plastic board
30 x 24 inches (including the frame)
The second photo shows the framing.
Brass title plate is on the frame.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME. Please email me at I will figure out two options for the shipping price.

It has been in Nancy's own studio since 2005 as part of the decor.
Main colors:
terra cotta and golden umber
SEE this art here: Nancy's Website Page

Painted with 100% lightfast oil pigments by Daniel Smith (USA) and Winsor & Newton (England)
Varnished by Nancy Lee with satin-sheen (mix of gloss and matte varnishes by Daniel Smith, synthetic methacrylate-resin varnish with UV protection)

A note from my painting journal:
It's apple season. Tuckered out, a lab puppy sleeps until roused by the school bus, when it can race around the yard with the children.
To the art, I added an antique Victorian tin pail that holds the Campfire Girl merit beads from my own childhood. My mother was a Campfire Girls leader, in a program similar to the one for Girl Scouts. May she (and other similar leaders!) always be blessed for the time and creativity given to young girls.

© Art signed and copyrighted by Nancy Lee Moran
Created from the artist's own photos and sketches in colors of blue, green, autumn gold, brown umber, rust, and terra cotta, brick red

autumn season, apple bucket, apple pail, puppy dog, lab dog, old baseball, wool door rug, Victorian pail, Campfire Girl beads