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Piper Kish as a OOAK Doll Repainted by Nancy Lee Moran
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Piper Kish as a OOAK Doll Repainted by Nancy Lee Moran


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Piper Kish as a OOAK Doll Repainted by Nancy Lee Moran
2012 Doll Painting
Brand New Doll
Doll size
14 inches
Vinyl doll, original Kish clothing
~ drop-waist silk dupioni dress with pleated skirt
~ leaf-shaped belt of embroidered wool felt
~ coat and hat of sage-green wool felt, embroidered with pale green and rose silk ribbons
~ ivory braiding on the hem, sleeves and hat

A beautiful sculpt by Helen Kish, painted by a portrait artist who admires dolls, painted eyes = an artistic doll!
The photos are of the actual doll, taken in natural daylight near a window by Nancy Lee.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME. Please email me at I will figure out two options for the shipping price.

She can stand and balance on her own without a doll stand, but stands best when wearing flat shoes.
This vinyl doll has 13 joints (neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist, hips, knees, ankles).
She has warm umber eyes that match her hair, which is straight, soft synthetic fiber, and rooted.
With paint, I gave her natural-looking fingernails.
The doll has her Kish COA, box, shipping box, my own photo-certificate, as well as extra photos.

The dolls I use were factory painted. I would never repaint a doll that the artist (Helen Kish) had painted herself, such as some of those in the Kish Signature Line. I would not paint one in a limited edition of fewer than 200 (preferably 300 or more). I consult the beautiful book I own: Helen Kish: The Artist and Her Dolls by Louise Fecher (hardcover published in 2006). I am NOT affiliated with any doll company, creator or manufacturer.

Incised marks on the base of her head are exactly as follows:
© 2008 Kish & Company

Tea at the Palace Piper
Description: Vinyl
Height: 14 inches
Line: Chrysalis
Release Date: 2009
Edition: 300

I like to paint upon the lovely contours of the doll sculpts, to give each doll her own personality. Just as artists who work on reborn baby dolls do, I used a blush of shadow-colors in creases, dimples, and concave areas of the face and hands. Variations of the cheek color are on the nose and chin, at the skin-corners of the lips, at inner corners of the eyes, along the inner edge of eyelids, in the nostrils, in the collar bone crevice, on the inner fingertips, inside the ears and on earlobes.
None of my paint pigments use lead or cadmium. While I painted this doll only for adult collectors, I wanted the paint to be safe around toddlers and babies.

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Doll signed by Nancy Lee Moran